Best Operating System For Gaming

What is operating system(best operating system for gaming)

An operating system which allow users to run other applications on their computer manages computer process and memory, like hardware and software’s. There is no use of computer without any operating system. In past there were only few operating systems. Now, there a lot options are available in operating systems. Computer was earlier used as office tasks or any other tasks. Now computer is used as also for gaming. People like to play and enjoy games on computer instead of going outside.

Additionally, operating system is also used for gaming. Gaming require best operating systems, because if operating system is not working properly, it will disturb and demolish you mood. But don’t worry, I am going to explain best operating system for gaming. Pc gaming is very common now a days. Many operating systems are available in market. But you have to choose best operating system that suits your pc as well as for gaming. Moreover, operating system must be best, fast, efficient, and highly responsive to your commands.

Best gaming operating system(the best operating system for gaming)

No doubt, it is hard to find operating system for gaming. Some are for specific workings and others are multitasking operating systems. It depends on you which operating system is best for gaming and other tasks. Gaming lovers are always in search of operating systems which are perfect according to their PC and best for playing games. Additionally, many companies are manufacturing powerful laptops for gaming, such as Dell, HP, Asus and many more. Therefore, powerful laptop powerful operating system which is an integral part for playing high duty games on laptop and computer. In this article I will write accordingly and precisely about online and every offline operating system for gaming.

Operating system for online and offline gaming

Internet era has changed everything in this world. Physical games have been shifted to PC games, and now today is era of online gaming. Online gaming is fun, because you play games and interact with different people or different cultures at your home, but stable internet connection is necessary to enjoy online gaming. So I will tell you briefly best operating system for gaming.



Windows 10

Windows 10 is latest version of Microsoft. It is on top in gaming world. Microsoft windows user confidently says that this window is tailor made for gaming enthusiasts. It is same as windows 8 but with lot of extra features are available in this window. In this you get seamless support for Direct X 12. Nonetheless, windows 10 systems permits whole computing system to attain maximum for CPU and DPU chips are placed in a system.Best Operating system for gaming




Windows 10 efficiency is much better than windows 8. Many problems were faced by users in windows 8, such as crashing of window due to driver problems. But in window 10 all these problem have been resolved with driver updates. Moreover, windows 10 performance is at peak level on every game, which you want to play.

Pros & Cons

  • A lot of options are available for gaming.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Access of all online games.

  • Issues of stability.
  • Low integration of Anti-malware.
  • Old games cannot be played on windows 10.

Gaming options in windows 10

In this operating system wide variety of choices are available for gaming. According to Google, gamers can enjoy over 20000 gamers, which are large numbers that you can play on windows 10. This is reason, it is considered best operating system for gaming.

Windows 8

Both windows 8 and windows 10 are more relatable to each other. Their interface is almost same, that’s why these windows are always on table talk, which is best for gaming and other tasks. Moreover, windows 8 have less compatibility is less than windows 10 in terms of game playing.


Its performance is comparable with windows 10. IF hardware is capable windows 10 provides high frame rates in most games. Windows 8 is best for all current games. But with the passage of time windows will not work because of old games. In this window there is lack in Direct X 12. In this you can also run over 20000 games. However, Dos games can also be run but some software’s are required to run smoothly.

Pros & Cons

  • It is highly stable operating system.
  • All drivers are available for hardware.
  • Wide assortment of games are available.
  • Future instability.
  • Software required for DOS based games.

Windows 7

Undoubtedly, this is operating system is considered to be best up till now, because of its performance, stability, efficiency, reliability, and quickness. These features distinct this operating system from others. Moreover, it have built-in feature of DirectX software. User can take maximum performance by changing its customized built-in settings.


Window 7 is an older version of Microsoft but still you can play games in this operating system. However, you have to update or install different type of settings to run games smoothly. Efficiency is less than other windows. A lot of games you can play on windows 7 with stability and reliability.

Pros & Cons

  • It is still available for use.
  • Reliable and stable.

  • New games can’t be played.
  • It only works on high-end computers.


Linux is renowned for its security. It is safer than other operating systems. Linux is an open source operating system and Linux is choice of security conscious people. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that you can play game on this operating system.


Linux efficiency is lower than other operating systems in terms of playing games. If we compare with windows 10 then its performance is 40% lower. And if we compare with windows 7 and 8 then its performance reduced to 20%. Although, it’s not good performance, yet you can play game on this operating system. The main reason slow performance is that optimization of drivers is less as compared to other windows



Compatibility and choice of games

Compatibility is a serious issue for Linux. A lot of games are run through middle man software such as wine. Moreover, there are around 3000 games are available on steam for Linux.



MAC OS is operating system which is not common in game lovers. It is more known for to turn away viruses and security features, but you can play games also on MAC OS. Additionally, MAC have some problems but once you clear all the bugs and problems, this can compete with any other good gaming operating system.

Chrome- OS

This operating system is best operating system for gaming laptops. This operating system is new in market and getting more customers attention for its features and functions. It is simple and best operating system which is sync with Google, and also use for live streaming laptops. Its price is $200 to $400.


This operating system is multi-tasking. It is Linux based OS. It is specially designed for organizations and for personal use. It can be easily downloaded or shared. In this operating you can also play games, because you can purchase customized operating system for personal use. In this system there are many built-in software’s such firewall and antiviruses.


Operating system is heart of computer. Every runs on operating system. People want to know about operating system and which is best and why? All operating system are designed according with demands of users. Users also learn about best operating system for gaming. I have written precisely about all operating systems. Although, there may be advantages or vice-versa. However, everyone has different requirements. Some people need only gaming and some needs security and also gaming. It is up to user’s personal choice. If you like or dislike my article leave in comments

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