Girls Frontline tirelist

Girls Frontline tirelist

Introduction of Girls frontline game

Girl’s frontline is mobile strategic and role playing game. It was released on May 20, 2016. MICA team which is china based, developed this for Android and iOS users. As name of this game “girl’s frontline” shows intention of developers that is game is especially designed for girls. Moreover, Idea shows that girls can also lead echelons with good strategy and smartness. Additionally, this game can play boys also to control girl players in real life or in game. In this game, you can see beauty and cuteness everywhere which are armored with SMGs, Rifles, pistols, machine guns and so on. In this game players are bound to obey commanders and complete tasks on time. Absolutely, there is tire list available, you can select girls frontline trielist according to your choice in this game

T-Dolls Story (Girls Frontline tirelist)

It is shocking and strange story that you must read before selecting girls frontline tirelist. It is story or war lets figure out. T-Dolls are main characters of this game. The behind this game who would rule the world in future. Our society is male dominant, but women’s are unable to play their part effectively. Now, you are seeing that women are leading in every nook and corner of this world. Such as women are now working in army and fighting in war side by side with males. It is shocking! In near future women might be reached at general level. Moreover, there is possibility they create whole army of women. Women leading in society is real threat for male dominance. So T- Dolls are turning into reality.

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Do you want to learn about girl’s front line tire list?

At first place I am going to tell about tire list. They are playable characters and others elements are required for playing a video game. Their strengths and weaknesses you can see from graphical demonstration, when you selects tire list in start of playing. Moreover, hg tire list and gfl fairy tire list also opens in higher stages of game. In this game you must seek different equipment’s are required in different situations of game, like other fighting games such as PUBG, Tomb rider, commandos and many more. So I am going to write overview of rifles tire list and comprehensive advice on team selection.

Overview of Assault rifle (AR)

Girls Frontline tierlist

T-Dolls have highest ROF rates:

MA41 Overview

It is most designed and effective for many AR squads. It has unique formation buff with excellent buffing skills. Due its versatility, it is most common choice of echelons. The damage rate of this rifle is 18% and crit rate is 30% via her buff tiles. In short, this rifle has capacity and capability to damage her competitors while buffing. T-Doll can use this rifle at any stage of game to beat competitors. Moreover, you have to level up as soon as possible.


Team Suggestions

SR-3MPType 97Type 95Welrod MKII


6P62 Overview

It is unbalance kit that’s why it is famous for mediocre. Accuracy stats are abysmal. ROF is low. Another problem is her skill. One of main quality of her is, that she is capable of equipping of AP shells. AP shells give huge advantage over armored foes. Although, this kit is mediocre yet, it is extremely beneficial in some situations.

Team Suggestions

Welrod MKIIType 97G36C
RO635Five- SevenSR-3MP


AK-47 Overview

It is basic equipment that you get, when you starts playing game as a bonus. Undoubtedly, Stats and formation buff is weak. So, in longer run this won’t help you. You have to change this equipment as soon as possible to remain in game for long time. All in all, AK can do decent damage in early game.

Team Suggestions:




T-Doll have also capacity to launch grenades to larger area in one shot.

G3 Overview

It is first grenadier that commanders attain, either from map dropping and production. Girls frontline production. T-Dolls can be produced in production factory. It takes 3 hours to complete T-Doll production.

Moreover, G3 has highest stats of damaging and have accuracy of 46. It has low rate of fire with rate of 61 and struggles in damaging the opponent. Its initial cooling time is 8 seconds. In early phase of game this is best option to damage enemies.




Team Suggestions



M4 SOPMOD II Overview

It has strong and well relative stats with highest accuracy numbers. Its ROF is nearly 10% which is above average. It is an Anti-personal grenade, which give performance at maximum level. The damage rate 12x to all enemies which are in 1.5 unit radius. Weak point is suboptimal formation buff.

In the end, it is best choice in all girls frontline tirelist. At any stage of game you can use it never disappoints you.

Team Suggestions

VectorM4A1Welrod MKII


AR Support Overview

T-Dolls usually used skills, or kits for supporting purposes.

Overview of M16A1

It is an extremely unique supporting kit with unique features. It is more likely geared towards tank. You cay she is hybrid tank. It have capacity to convert into an armor tank and envision tank at same time. It is used in most emergency situations. In last, I would she is best option for every situation and it comes in hybrid tank tire list.

Overview of M4A1

M4A1 has an unmatchable features and qualities. It is core of many AR support squads. It is received after by clearing chapter 2 stage 6. Its crit rate is 30% via her buff tiles and damage rate is 18%. It has unique formation buffs with super self-buffing skills. It has capacity to outclass his competitors. It is truth that this can a unique girls frontline characters.

Night Skills

T-Dolls have unique night skills, that they can use damage their foes at night. These skills can only be used in Night.





SMG Main tank Review

Girls Frontline tierlist

Main tank

T-Dolls have kit and tiles to convert themselves into main tank.

List of Main tank is given below:

P90Ak-74UType 79Thompson
OTs-39C-MsT77100 shiki
ShipkaMT-9F1RO 635


Grenadier SMG review

T-Dolls have capacity to throw HE grenades and molotovs. Given below T-dolls have capacity

PP-19Evo 3Z-62Micro Uzi
PP-2000MP 40SkorpianSTEN MKII


DPS SMG review

SMG T-dolls have increased capacity of damaging skills of foes.



Non- DPS

These T-dolls have designation of tank with no damaging capacity of opponents

JS 9TMPSpectre-M4Type 64


SMG Shield

This is protective shield, which T-dolls can use to cool down themselves. But main drawback it stays for a while.



RF Reviews

RF is a sniper rifle which have highest power with lowest ROF. It attack enemies on backline. It is wise to set it on backline.

General T-Dolls

These T-Dolls have damaging skills and RoF skills which comes in general category.

M14M14 MOD4 ShikiVM59
T-5000SRSStella HoshiK31
M1A1MK12R93SSG 69
G 28SkS


Special Frontline T-Doll tire list

T-Dolls have some special kit, which can be used in night venture.

BallistaCarcano M91/38Carcano M 1891M200
FalconQBU-88Type81 RIWS-2000
G43Type 88  


Bamboo T-Dolls

T-Dolls have special bamboo burst. They can damage opponent in a single shot. These T-dolls have are not really helpful for general use. So Use T-Dolls wisely which gives you effective result in game.

Kar98KPSG-1Super SASSM99
SPR A3GM82A1SpringfieldM1 Garand


Hand Guns (HG Overview)

Hand guns are real support for T-dolls providing buffs to combat opponents.


List of T-Dolls

JerichoEI ClearGsh-18Spitfire
ContendarGr HK45Bren TenSerdyukov
Mk23GrizzlyMP-446Type 92





T-Doll with Accuracy

Some T-dolls have crystal clear accuracy in their tiles and skills

Gsh-18SpitfireUSP Compact


ROF of T-Dolls

Hand guns have best highest ROF buffs in their skills and tiles.

Neoj VermillionFive-SevenUSP compact
Calico M950APPKAstra


HG Defensive

In hand guns with defensive kits can inflict enemies due to high accuracy. Dolls with defensive kits are given below



Special Kits

In HGs T. Dolls have some special kits to inflict enemy fast. List of T-Doll with special kits

P30PythonThunderPX4 Storm
EI-FailNoel VermillionGsh-18Jericho
M1911M1911 MODP38M9


Machine Gun (MG Review)

Big 4 T-dolls

MGs are always remain highest damaging machine due to its accuracy and speed of shots







DPS Dolls

Dps Dolls are not comparable with Big 4 because damage of Big 4 is higher and best.

MK46M249 SAWMG42MG34


SG Review

SG has two types, one is defensive and other is offensive. The main task of SG destroy enemy at larger scale. Commanders should strategize plans for SGs Tank ability

Defensive Dolls



Offensive Dolls

M1887Ithacha M37KS-23RMB-93
Type 97 ShotgunSaiga -12SPAS -12USAS -12



Girls frontline is popular game in all over world. So there was problem about how to select girls frontline tirelist? So I have written precisely to aware about tire list of girls. So you can select according to your choice.

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