How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4.

Game is known as stretching physical and nerves muscles. Playing game is a healthy activity for everyone. It improves your physical and mental health. Games can be played on computer or in ground. Playing games at home on computer is safe option for both parents and children. Everyone has its own capacity to enjoy game physically or on laptop, monitor and Ps4.

A Brief History of PS4 ( How to use laptop as monitor for PS4)

Ps4 was introduced in 2013.Now it has become popular gaming console in world over. Ps4 is great invention in computer games, because in which you can enjoy different types of has become high selling video game in market. Ps4 provides power and distinct feature in games. Gaming is fun that you can your leisure in playing different games. It is high-resolution gaming. A lot of options are available that you can play. Ps4 console covers strategic games, action games, and rampage to kill zombies.

Game can be played on TV screen, monitor and laptop. It is easy to attach play station 4 on TV and monitor. But sometimes it become tricky on laptop. Do you willing to learn how to use laptop as monitor for ps4? It will help you to enjoy your game without any disturbance and distraction. It is hard for middle class family to TV for every children. Laptop is product that is easily available and productive thing you can perform on your laptop. The other thing is your TV screen has been damaged and you want to use laptop as monitor for gaming. Moreover, playing game on TV is hard task, because TV is normally attached on the wall and it may tire you earlier. Laptop you can take to your room or any other place to enjoy gaming.

Using a laptop as a monitor for Ps4 is simple and straight task. You can easily attach Ps4 on laptop. I will explain easy method you can attach ps4 on your laptop. It will become your second monitor. Firstly, you need to buy high specification laptop for gaming, because it will increase your performance in playing games. Many companies are manufacturing laptops only for game enthusiasts.

Laptop must have HDMI port. HDMI port is a High definition multimedia interface. It is used as transmitting uncompressed video or audio data on projectors or any other television. People normally wants to connect ps4 through HDMI cable but it is not a suitable option because it is use for “outputting” a display. However, I will describe each and every point in this article to use a laptop a monitor for Ps4 and with HDMI.


How to use laptop as monitor for ps4 with HDMI cable (Remote play method)

It is easy process. Firstly, you need a TV screen for some setting purposes, if you want to use HDMI cable. You must have the availability of Sony remote play along with your ps4 console. This tool helps in streaming ps4 games on laptop. The other things you need is Dualshock 4 USB wireless adopter or USB cable. In last get an internet connection and setup your account on PlayStation platform. This may be a low cost option for you, if your budget constraint.

  • Step 1

Download and install remote play app from Sony play app from Sony website. Version must be compatible with your laptop windows. Downloading a suitable version will smooth the process.

  • Step 2

I hope your installation have been complete. Switch on your ps4 and go to settings to start a remote play connection.  After activating ps4 leave it on rest mode. If you are in doldrums that ps4 is not on rest mode by default, check power save settings and if the console is not on rest mode, make sure to set it on rest mode again.

  • Step 3

Afterwards, turn on remote application through your laptop and set resolution settings which suits you and your laptop. Ideally resolution setting are 720p. Use USB cable to connect controller with the computer.

  • Step 4

In last, pair your controllers with laptop by plugging in the USB adapter and push for few seconds for adjusting with the laptop. Now you can see start button on remote play app, press a click on start button. It will take you to Ps4 login screen on network. App will choose automatically ps4 in system. Now you can enjoy games using HDMI cable. Happy gaming!

Procedure of MacBook using laptop as monitor TV screen

Process and procedure is almost same windows laptop. But my responsibility is to guide you properly in each and every aspect, because using preferences are quite different for everyone.

  • Select ps4 remote play
  • Go to preferences
  • Right click on menu bar and choose the video resolution for remote play

Frame rate and configuration of resolution should be same as like laptop windows. Indeed, you have learnt all the procedure of converting laptop into a monitor. There are minimum requirements for changing laptop into a monitor which are given below. Please keep in mind that these are minimum requirements. IF you have high specification laptop, then there is no issue at all.

  1. Multiple USB ports are required
  2. Minimum 2GB RAM
  3. Space storage for Mac is 40 MB and for laptop is 100 MB
  4. 1024*768 display resolutions are required.

Using a video capture card method

This is another simple method which you can utilize your laptop as a monitor but it is little bit expensive. If you can afford video capturing card method is for you.


Minimum requirements:

  • HDMI cable
  • Video capture card
  • High speed internet for gaming
  • File share enable
  • And Laptop

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4

  1. Steps to Follow:
  2. Open menu of Ps4 and click on settings. Afterwards go to network settings and find your internet connection and connect to it.
  3. Then video capture card is needed for ps4 to connect with your laptop.
  4. Put video capture card into USB port, it will become S-combined connection. The install relevant software’s which come along with video capture card.
  5. Connect your ps4 with video capture card. To connect video card with ps4 s-video connection cable is required. Attach HDMI-IN and HDMI-Out cables with capture card.
  6. In last open application software, it will automatically search ps4 and will display on laptop screen. Keep on thing mind that application should be on full screen mode to display full resolution
  7. If not working repeat process carefully.


Everyone wants to enjoy game. Yes its necessity to play games for relaxation and pass your leisure time in a best way. Ps4 technology have proved that playing game on ps4 is best option because there many options of playing games are available according to your taste. Some people want to utilize their laptop to play game instead of monitor or TV. Moreover, common people are not aware of using laptop as monitor. I have discussed different methods to use their laptop instead of playing games on still place. Methods are Using HDMI cable, and video capture card method. By following steps you can easily install ps4 with laptop. If you didn’t find any solution please leave comment or suggestions. If you any other procedure I will write freely for you.

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