Is dell or HP better

Are you worried or stressed in purchasing a new laptop? There is no need to be worried about buying your dream laptop. Laptop has displaced desktop because of innovation in technology. Now PCs are used for specific purposes such as servers or to some extent for gaming. In near future PCs would be replaced by laptop as servers. Because product is acceptable with high specs and features and covers only limited space. Different factors are involved to give verdict about which is better between Dell o HP laptop.

So laptop is product which is portable and useable at any place along with you. The gradual and growing demands of laptop is not going to hinder, it would multiply in future. Market is replete with versatility variants but dell or HP are competing head to head. Is dell or HP better? To know comparison read full article.

Dell History(Is dell or HP better)

It was founded in 1984, almost 36 years ago. Michael Dell is founder of company. It is an American based multinational organization which deals in manufacturing technological equipment’s. Dell has become huge producer of laptop.

Dell makes powerful machines which are durable and supportable by Microsoft windows. Dell has wide range of laptop products.

Dell Designing Technology

Dell designs always have been normal not an extra-ordinary designs, but on the other hand dell prepare powerful particularly hardware components which helps in running machine smoothly. For which is better between Dell and HP design wise. HP makes more attractive design for its users.

Dell is now focusing on those customers which love to use sleek and smart design laptops because of easy carrying lightweight. Dell is expanding its market to world over to catch more market share.

Dell has introduced Inspiron series 2-in-1 which can be used for home and office

G series is specially designed for gamers on which they can play and enjoy games without any hurdle and hassle.

Now latest technology is introduced by Dell for an ultimate experience for users. Dell XPS 12 which is highly demanded machine for using due to sleek, smart and powerful design. Its aesthetic looks and slim profile appeals customers.

Supporting components

Dell specialty is making powerful and reliable for machines which gives maximum output. Dell manufacture its products from low price to high price with various versions of laptop. Dell laptops are highly reliable so is dell or hp better in components wise. Dell has an edge in dell or hp better





Without innovation and research there is no chance for company growth. In Dell ou HP there is not ending debate which is better dell or hp in innovation. In Innovation different kinds of experiments can be done such as technology, design improvement and performance improvement. Moreover, extra features can also be added to provide satisfaction to customers.

In past dell was producing heavy and bulky machines. Now dell innovation has done great job in designing sleek and slim laptops with powerful features. Dell is moving to lightweight laptops such dell XPS series which is in low weight.

High end soft wares such as designing graphics. Dell is also making laptops especially for designers on which they can work effectively. In order to know hp vs dell vs Lenovo which are powerful and reliable. Dell is not going to disappoint you in office work or any other running software on dell.

Customer service relations

Dell always have been superb in providing customer service to satisfy its potential customers in every aspect. In amazon customers have given 5 stars reviews only due to efficient customer support of dell. Bad customer service means losing not a single customer but a many customers loses because word of mouth.

Dell warranties and grantees are better. Dell gives prompt response to every customer. Dell replaces or changes faulty parts without delaying.

Manufacturing Units

Dell manufacturing units are mostly in Asian countries due to low cost of labor. Mostly units in Xiamen China, and Penang Malaysia. Dell has also invested in India about $60 million dollars for setup manufacturing unit in china for meeting demands of subcontinent.

Dell Unique selling point

Dell produces wide variety products. It makes high-end laptops to low end laptop which are always reliable in using. Dell always make and use superior quality parts for its customers that makes dell stand out in competitive market.

Are dell and Hp the same company?

People often say dell and Hp are same company but is not correct. Both are different companies under their brand name. One common thing is both are American and multinational companies.

HP brief History and introduction

Hewlett-Packard is full name and commonly use as HP. It was founded on 1 January 1939. It is also an American international brand which sell laptop in world over. HP productions are expanded now whole in international dell or hp better



HP Designing technology(Is dell or HP better)

HP earliest models were work stations, now they have improved their designing department in more advance way. In new product line range spectre x360 is finest product which is made up of aluminum chassis in silver color which made laptop more significant and appealing. In design wise HP is for better than Dell. HP is producing more eye – catching designs to prove its market share in laptop market.

Components efficiency

HP is now moving and improving ahead in components efficiency but it is far behind than dell. HP is providing all specifications similar to HP but quality of HP products is not very much optimal. Quality and performance of dell is superior to HP. Moreover, Dell processors are super-efficient, fast, reliable and durable as compare to HP. Similarly, HP has specialty in laptop batteries. HP Batteries are long lasting as compare to Dell. It help user to work for long hours without any interruption.

Innovation Technology

As I said earlier in this article innovation is highly necessary in companies. HP is trying to produce more innovative products with powerful features which are competitive with Dell. HP is also producing gaming laptop for games to give strong competition to Dell in gaming market. HP is also manufacturing printers and scanners but their main focus is to improve laptop technology in more efficient way.

Customer Service relations

HP has very fast and communicative support for customers. HP believes in providing valuable customer service to its users without any delay. HP is now providing customer service in all social media channels because now community is like to interact at social media channels because it is easy and fast.

Is dell or HP better, now have realized which is more productive and efficient. Both are providing products in competitive to market but choice is always yours.


Both laptops are high in demand. Companies are manufacturing products according to customer needs and wants. Is dell or hp better? It comes only to brand loyalty. Both companies have their potential and loyal customers which always say this product is better than this. One should take decision in buying Slaptop must have price and features in mind to buy laptop for oneself.

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