What laptop do I have?

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Are you worried? What laptop do I have? You are worried about model and specifications which you are unaware and not sure about your laptop. It is highly important to understand about your product. Such as if you want to play game and you are not aware about specifications of your laptop, either your system supports it or not. So one must aware about specs and features about one’s laptop. There are many ways you can understand model and make of your laptop easily. In this article I will share super-secrets to know about what kind of laptop I have?

In this article I will try to give maximum about knowledge to know what kind of laptop I have. There are some new models or old models. It totally depends on you which laptop you have. Mostly laptop model you can check from bottom cover of your laptop. There are few ways would surely help about understand your laptop.

  • Laptop model number is easy to search (How)
  • Check the keyboard of your laptop
  • Understand the use of control panel
  • Proper way of using windows information systemWhat Laptop Do I Have

What laptop model number do I have is easy to search (How)

If you have laptop, or thinking to buy new or used laptop and you are eager to know make and model of laptop just open the wrap of laptop and flip your laptop. There may be two or three stickers present on back. These pasted stickers would show laptop serial and model number.

If your laptop is old then the availability of stickers is might not be possible due to use laptop. So some others methods are there you can check old laptop by searching through Google. Just put name or typing model number on Google.

Check keyboard of your laptop

Open your laptop just check the palm places under the keyboard, you can see the generation and laptop model number of what kind of laptop do I have in HP , dell, Lenovo, and ASUS etc. Every manufacturer has its own priority to place laptop model number to provide look to their model.

Understand the use of control panel.(What laptop do I have)

Control panel is powerful function of laptop or desktop. A lot many controls are available on which you can know about what laptop you do I have? There is countless information is available in control panel about the laptop you have.

  • If are using windows 10 then follow these steps.
  • Click button on start of windows
  • Then click on the option of control panel
  • Go to ‘’System’’
  • If you are unable to search then put in search bar ‘’control panel’’



If you are using windows 7 then follow these steps.

  • Click on start
  • Open control panel
  • Click on system and security
  • Afterwards click on ‘’system’’

You will know what laptop model do I have?

Proper way of using windows information system

Windows is a software on which laptop or computer runs. Windows have complete information about system specifications, model so on and so forth.

To know all information about system check search bar.

Windows 8

  1. Click on search bar
  2. Write msinfo32
  3. Then click on result title of msinfor32
  4. You will laptop model number in under head of ‘’model’’

Windows 7

  1. Go to in search bar
  2. Write system info
  3. Click on system information
  4. You will see on your screen ‘’system model’’

Windows 10

  1. Click on search bar and type ‘’system information’’
  2. Then click on ‘’system information’’
  3. A new window will appear on screen, the select ‘’system model’’

All this information would help you to find, what laptop do I have?

There are few methods which are listed to about what are specifications of laptop which I have?

Information about your CPU

  1. Information about CPU is easily available in windows 10.
  2. Click right on windows button.
  3. A menu will pop up.
  4. Click on system. You can see option in middle.
  5. Afterwards click on about section to know about specifications of laptop.
  6. In this menu you can also find about RAM specs.

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Specifications of motherboard

People often not bother about motherboard that what type of motherboard is installed in my laptop which I have. If you want to know about this motherboard make and company follow the simple steps.

  1. Type in search bar ‘’system information’’ to open menu
  2. Click on ‘’system information’’ Now can lot of options are available in this menu bar.
  3. Click on ‘’baseboard model’’, or ‘’Baseboard product’’. It will provide all information about motherboard model number.

GPU information of laptop

GPU is essential part of laptop or computer while playing games. Gamers always acquire information about GPU. It increase the speed of computer while playing game. It also needs to be checked that this GPU is meeting all requirements of game. If you want to know about what GPU my laptop have.

  1. Go to windows left corner windows button and Right-click on that.
  2. Then click on ‘’Device manager’’’
  3. A drop down list you see. Click on ‘’Display adaptors’’
  4. Your GPU information is available in this menu.
  5. There might two options are available one is standalone GPU and other is for integrated graphics that appear on your CPU. IF there are two options are available then must check standalone GPU.

Know about your RAM of laptop or desktop(What laptop Do I have)

RAM is integral part of every system. Without RAM there is no system. So RAM information is important because every software runs on the basis RAM memory. The more we have RAM better, the more software’s would work in efficient manner. So some easy steps to follow for knowing about RAM of laptop do you have?

Go to the windows button, which you can see on left corner of laptop.

Click the option of ‘’system’’

Then click on the option of ‘’about’’ page you will see a tab of ‘’device specifications’’ You will RAM memory is listed on the screen, which may be 2GB, 4GB and 8GB etc.

All this information would help you to find what laptop do I have?  

How to determine which window is existing in laptop, which I have? Is it x64 or x86

Microsoft update its windows software at regular intervals for better and efficient performance of software. It is always necessary to aware about bit count edition of operating system, on which our computer is running. The built-in information system provides knowledge about computer hardware and operating system. X86 leads to 32-bit edition and x64edition denotes 64 bit –edition.



Frequently asked questions FAQs

What if I am unable to find what laptop do I have in HP?

If doing all methods which are described in this article are not working. Then you can contact customer support of HP to know about laptop specs, model and make. This surely going to help.

What is the make of a laptop?

To know about all specifications, dimensions, features, screen size and resolution of your laptop is your personal prerogative. Laptop series make and model number is available on back side of laptop.  All other specifications are available on software. I have listed all methods of checking specs and features of laptop. Check again this article.

How to check laptop model in windows 10?

Windows 10

  1. Click on search bar and type ‘’system information’’
  2. Then click on ‘’system information’’
  3. A new window will appear on screen, the select ‘’system model’’

All this information would help you to find a laptop do you have.


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